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Welcome Home Vicki

On a cold Winters night under a full moon she arrived.

Ceilidh and Dottie were relaxing in the hot tub under the moon light when the door opens, and in blows Vicki with suitcase in hand.

In her goth-loli clothes Ceilidh’s little sister must have left somewhere in a hurry to have her panties stuck in the case.

Ceilidh thinks to herself SHIT not another one! “Oh no you don’t. Your going to have to convince me to let you move in here”

Vicki is quick to say “Well you can use my body while yours is being repaired”… ::)

Dottie; “She has you there. She already has both her hips replaced, and your regular body is a mess”

Ceilidh; Sigh… “Well until Incred can fix my ass, literally, guess you can stay. Now get in this tub and give me some lovin” :-*

We often joke about do a shoot and fix the doll. Well now I remember why I don’t do tub shoots much. Turns out Vicki and Dottie have splits on the bottom of the feet, and one week later water is still coming out >:(

List of repairs;
Dottie; one foot, and later found she took on water in the crotch from an earlier hip operation.

Ceilidh; Under the arms; I fixed the foot, and the back of her knee before putting her in.

Vicki; under both breasts split. The taint. One foot. Two finger nails.

This is the way with vintage dolls.


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