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Howdy folks,

Last month’s post I talked about the Presley doll I got while at DolLApolooza. I also added her uncrating pictures to that blog. Well I have had enough time now for some photoshoots to introduce her properly. She is a Presley model with head #9 that I’ve named Myfanwy which means “my lovely little one” in Welsh. Naturally I wanted a Celtic name to go with a red head, and Welsh is like Cornish. At least they are neighbours. (I’m Cornish by the way).

When I was searching out Celtic names I was looking for a name that ended in a ‘ee’ sound like Ceilidh, Yoshi, Tamaki, (Tamanee). Never mind all of Camp’s dolls It wasn’t necessary but the meaning of the name just fit.

This is what I found on the original Myfanwy;

The myth of Myfanwy
Castell Dinas Brân

Last updated: 19 May 2009
The ruin of Castell Dinas Brân (Crow City Castle), which stands above the town of Llangollen, is the site of a tragic love story involving Myfanwy, a name that is not as unusual as you might think – sparking plenty of comments.

Myfanwy, daughter of the Norman Earl of Arundel, was said to be the most beautiful woman in Powys, but she was vain and liked nothing better than to be told how beautiful she was, writes Nick Bourne from the Web Team.

Many men went to Dinas Brân to court her, but she had nothing to do with them, even if they were rich and handsome because they were unable to compose and sing poems that supposedly reflected the depth of her beauty.

Only one man, Hywel ap Einion, a penniless young bard who lived in the valley below the castle, was said to have the talent to satisfy Myfanwy.

Luckily, Hywel was in love with Myfanwy, and one day he plucked up the courage to climb up the hill to the castle with his harp, to sing and play to her.

He was allowed in to play for her, and while playing and complimenting her on her beauty she was said to have been unable to either listen or look at any other man.

Because of this Hywel believed that she had fallen in love with him. But his hopes were dashed when a richer, more handsome and more eloquent lover arrived on the scene.

Hywel, discarded and quickly forgotten by Myfanwy, composed a poem to his lost love:

Far from Myfanwy’s marble towers
I pass my solitary hours
O thou shinest like the sky,
Behold thy faithful Hywel die!

On the more technical side she is the first fully pose-able Presley with a neck bolt. She can stand with minimal support, or with the neck bolt she can stand with a Stance Modifier for support. This way she is not touching anything, and the modifier can be Photoshopped out. Also with a neck bolt it is easier to store and dress her. The neck bolt is now an option on all the Ruby dolls.

When I ordered Miffy I knew she would need custom clothes for her size so I ordered some outfits from Trashy Lingerie. Last month was the good ‘Lolita’ lingerie, and this month is the bad ‘Masochist’ clothes. Also on Labor Day weekend I took some more pictures of Miffy at Daan’s camp on one of his tractors. Her bandana top was bought at the Lancaster fair for $10. a lot cheaper than Trashy Lingerie 🙂


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