Ceilidh’s 7’th Birthday

Howdy Folks,

October 7, 2005 a big crate showed up a work for me from Slade’s World. He was the Real Doll Doctor at the time, and after looking at his dolls for a couple of years I saw this doll named Tessy. Well now I have this big ass crate at the shop so I do what everyone does right? I open the crate, put her in the truck, throw the crate in the bed, and head on home 😉

Seven years later she is looking for her present. Well I got her a red frilly blouse with a waist cincher when I was in California last Summer. Also some stretch pants and new shoes to complete the ensemble. I think she was more happy with the attention 🙂


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  1. Where do you get a doll like this
    What company

  2. Incred Mar 22nd 2015

    Ceilidh is a Body 5 Face 11. She is made by Abyss Creations, or Realdoll. Check out ODC; It is a forum for doll collectors, and they have many other doll manufacturers doll’s to look at plus links to the manufacturers.

    Thanks for looking my site over. I hope to get the gallery working someday.

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