School Girl Yuri

Good Day Everyone,

Awhile back I was looking to make some room, and a doll needed to find a new home. Since I have two Realdoll body 2s that seemed the logical choice. Jayde is my other body 2 and kept in excellent condition so she is not going anywhere soon. Also Yuri seemed to take a backseat to Yoshi so Yuri was elected.

During the Summer Sxpanther said he would buy her, so I brought her face to DolLApalooza so he could see her. While there I brought her face with me to Abyss to have her fixed up. With the face done I concentrated on the body. She has been the stunt doll for some time so she needed to be tightened up in the joints, and a few splits repaired. Between finding time, and bad catalyst, she took months to get ready. Just in time for Dollstock. SX flew out so now he had a doll for the meet.

One of the theme shoots was school girl uniforms, so when we got back I did this shoot with a few schoolroom props. Then she was crated up and sent off to her new home. but that’s another story


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