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Comic-Con 2014

Good Day Everyone,

This year I was able to get a full 4 day pass 🙂 and the place was packed, even on Thursday and Sunday. This was also my third year and the third drawing I had Doug Sneyd make for me. I will probably skip next year because I want to see Anime Expo, and DolLApalooza is the weekend before, so no way I can spend three weeks in California in a row.

As in past years Crazy Jose and I were able to split the cost. This year SxPanther came along one day, and the day we all went to the San Diego Zoo Preserve. We also ate at the Tilted Kilt at least once a day as they had a couple in the area.

Snuggles was able to smooze with the Cosplayers, but for some reason they seemed to want to put a gun to his head. Guess his reputation precedes him 😉 I did group the pictures in categories. They start with the booth girls, professional, and regular Cosplayers, a session with Batman, Night Hawk, and Batgirl, artists, a Darth Vader Mobil, and last but not least, Tilted Kilt girls. Poor Snuggs looks like he gets tossed out in the trash in the end, but I don’t think we have heard the last of Snuggle’s Adventures.


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