Dollstock 2014

Good Day Everyone,

This years Dollstock started off with a bit of an issue when the Incrediwagon decided to have computer problems the day before we left. I figured the best solution would be to rent a U-Haul pickup truck to go along with the U-Haul trailer. The pickup was best because SXPanther from Cali was riding with Camp and I, and the truck was the only one that seated three.

After a few delays we were on our way, and arrived rather late. All was good, we have plenty of time to rest. Dollstock is about getting together to eat, drink, and talk doll, with a few pictures thrown in.

This year it was also about doll repair. Saturday morning Mahtek helped Belshanar make repairs on two of his Sinthetics dolls. The earlier dolls have a problem with the PVC cross at the neck. Seems they can crack there, and the fix is to use epoxy. Nurses Ceilidh, Jayde, and Sophia helped out by looking pretty 😉

I helped a little bit with the repairs, but I really wanted to take some pictures of Myffy out front while we had some good weather. After that it was time for the doll pile featuring Amber Hawk Swanson. This went on late into the evening, and was a majority of my pictures. We usually have it on Sunday, but Amber needed to leave early.

Sunday went a bit slow. Most went to bed late, and Some people decided to stay up all night 😉
After pancakes, with white, and blood pudding, it was time to do more outdoor shoots. Mahtek took some pictures of his girls going for a ride into town in the rental van. What could possibly go wrong?… 😉

Myffy got dressed up in her safari gear and tackled a bear 8) After that she needed to cool down by doing some skinny dipping at the local watering hole. It was getting pretty late, and dark while doing that shoot.

When we got back it was time for dinner, and the school girl shoot which turned into the group shot. That was pretty much a wrap on this years Dollstock. Join us next year for another adventure packed weekend 🙂


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