Gilligan’s Island Christmas

Good Day Everyone,

Merry Christmas 2014 from Gilligan’s Island 🙂

Seems Maryann and Ginger, played by Dottie and Ceilidh, not only had a visit from Santa Snuggles, but also Myfanwy, Tira Misu, and Jayde. Better watch out girls that Santa is not the real one and, he is a prev 8)

Snuggles found that Ginger likes to go commando, and that she is a natural redhead. When he met up with Myffy he pulled her top off! Can you blame him? she does have a nice rack 😉

I took more pictures than I had planned. I guess one shot leads to another, and before you know it you have about 75 finished pictures with 10 stereographs.

I also did a bonus shoot on Christmas morning with Myfanwy as a Stocking Stuffer 🙂


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