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DolLApolooza 2012

Howdy folks,

DolLApolooza is a continuation of my trip to California. After Comic-Con, for several days, I went to the national parks. Thursday I drove to Ruby13 to see my doll being made. Actually on Sunday after Comic-Con I saw the skeleton, and Thursday she was just out of the mold. I was able to put on the nipple color and seal it. Don and I had to do some shopping to get some silicone caulking before I put on the eyelashes, and some pipe fittings to make a stance modifier. That was all I had time for because I had to return the rental car, and meet up with the guys.

Friday was our shopping day in the garment district. Great place to find bargains, and I did a lot of shopping for my new doll. Lunch was at the In-N-Out Burger near Hollywood Boulevard. So after lunch we took in the sites along the Boulevard including Fredericks. Afterwords we headed to the Oinkster for supper. The place has great food, and was a bit crowded.

Saturday morning we went to Trashy Lingerie, and back to Hollywood Boulevard for more shopping. In the afternoon was the tour of Sinthetics. Matt showed us some new stuff that he is working on like the new Male doll, which was just in rough clay. Also was a cool fold up display case to store and show off the doll. They had many dolls in production, but with no heads on I didn’t bother to take pictures of them. They did have a display area set up so I took pictures of those dolls and played around with the wigs and Snuggles wanted to play too. Litlluvr was all excited to see his new doll waiting for him in a blue kimono. We all took pictures of Michiko and LL’s little dog Snarff. Of course Snuggles found her too along with Polaroid’s April dressed in Hello Kitty clothes. After we talked, had lots of food, and great swag bags. We all had a great time, but had to leave around dinner time so Matt could get back to work. With not much to do in the evening we went across the street from the hotels where a shopping area is so we hung out and stopped by the Cheese Cake Factory for desert.

Sunday was my big day for new dolls. We all went to tour Ruby13 in the morning, but I wanted to see how Don had done on the finishing touches on Presley. She was waiting patiently in a chair probably for some clothes 😉 This is one cute little doll, and very soft. She is also the first pose-able Presley with a neck bolt so she can stand with a stance modifier, or by holding onto something. With the neck bolt she can also be stored on a stand, or wall bracket. While there I dressed her in a few outfits that I bought on Friday, and a couple that I mailed Don. It didn’t take long to find out that sometimes small isn’t small enough for her. We all had a fun time talking with Don and having pizza and sodas.

We asked Don if he wanted to go to Abyss with us, but he didn’t have the time. It was just as well because It was a disappointment. After arriving at 1:30 we found the door locked with one car outside. I thought it was Ron’s car, but it turned out he was home sick, and Matt was at the airport. The car belonged to Joey, and he called Renate who let us in for a look around. They were in the middle of expanding the Boy Toy section so the lobby was a bit messy. We got to see the new section, and the makeup area was different from last year. They did have a big section on the prosthetic breasts. Downstairs where the bodies are made they had a few fresh out of the molds, and some display ones on the chicken line. Joey did well for being put on the spot, and the new guys got to see the place. We looked around for a half hour or more then headed back.

Sunday was our last day, and we all left for home Monday morning. I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again. Now I just need to come up with the money to pay for it all.


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