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Gilligan’s Island Christmas

Good Day Everyone,

Merry Christmas 2014 from Gilligan’s Island 🙂

Seems Maryann and Ginger, played by Dottie and Ceilidh, not only had a visit from Santa Snuggles, but also Myfanwy, Tira Misu, and Jayde. Better watch out girls that Santa is not the real one and, he is a prev 8)

Snuggles found that Ginger likes to go commando, and that she is a natural redhead. When he met up with Myffy he pulled her top off! Can you blame him? she does have a nice rack 😉

I took more pictures than I had planned. I guess one shot leads to another, and before you know it you have about 75 finished pictures with 10 stereographs.

I also did a bonus shoot on Christmas morning with Myfanwy as a Stocking Stuffer 🙂


Posted December 30th, 2014.

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School Girl Yuri

Good Day Everyone,

Awhile back I was looking to make some room, and a doll needed to find a new home. Since I have two Realdoll body 2s that seemed the logical choice. Jayde is my other body 2 and kept in excellent condition so she is not going anywhere soon. Also Yuri seemed to take a backseat to Yoshi so Yuri was elected.

During the Summer Sxpanther said he would buy her, so I brought her face to DolLApalooza so he could see her. While there I brought her face with me to Abyss to have her fixed up. With the face done I concentrated on the body. She has been the stunt doll for some time so she needed to be tightened up in the joints, and a few splits repaired. Between finding time, and bad catalyst, she took months to get ready. Just in time for Dollstock. SX flew out so now he had a doll for the meet.

One of the theme shoots was school girl uniforms, so when we got back I did this shoot with a few schoolroom props. Then she was crated up and sent off to her new home. but that’s another story


Posted December 9th, 2014.

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Dollstock 2014

Good Day Everyone,

This years Dollstock started off with a bit of an issue when the Incrediwagon decided to have computer problems the day before we left. I figured the best solution would be to rent a U-Haul pickup truck to go along with the U-Haul trailer. The pickup was best because SXPanther from Cali was riding with Camp and I, and the truck was the only one that seated three.

After a few delays we were on our way, and arrived rather late. All was good, we have plenty of time to rest. Dollstock is about getting together to eat, drink, and talk doll, with a few pictures thrown in.

This year it was also about doll repair. Saturday morning Mahtek helped Belshanar make repairs on two of his Sinthetics dolls. The earlier dolls have a problem with the PVC cross at the neck. Seems they can crack there, and the fix is to use epoxy. Nurses Ceilidh, Jayde, and Sophia helped out by looking pretty 😉

I helped a little bit with the repairs, but I really wanted to take some pictures of Myffy out front while we had some good weather. After that it was time for the doll pile featuring Amber Hawk Swanson. This went on late into the evening, and was a majority of my pictures. We usually have it on Sunday, but Amber needed to leave early.

Sunday went a bit slow. Most went to bed late, and Some people decided to stay up all night 😉
After pancakes, with white, and blood pudding, it was time to do more outdoor shoots. Mahtek took some pictures of his girls going for a ride into town in the rental van. What could possibly go wrong?… 😉

Myffy got dressed up in her safari gear and tackled a bear 8) After that she needed to cool down by doing some skinny dipping at the local watering hole. It was getting pretty late, and dark while doing that shoot.

When we got back it was time for dinner, and the school girl shoot which turned into the group shot. That was pretty much a wrap on this years Dollstock. Join us next year for another adventure packed weekend 🙂


Posted December 8th, 2014.

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Comic-Con 2014

Good Day Everyone,

This year I was able to get a full 4 day pass 🙂 and the place was packed, even on Thursday and Sunday. This was also my third year and the third drawing I had Doug Sneyd make for me. I will probably skip next year because I want to see Anime Expo, and DolLApalooza is the weekend before, so no way I can spend three weeks in California in a row.

As in past years Crazy Jose and I were able to split the cost. This year SxPanther came along one day, and the day we all went to the San Diego Zoo Preserve. We also ate at the Tilted Kilt at least once a day as they had a couple in the area.

Snuggles was able to smooze with the Cosplayers, but for some reason they seemed to want to put a gun to his head. Guess his reputation precedes him 😉 I did group the pictures in categories. They start with the booth girls, professional, and regular Cosplayers, a session with Batman, Night Hawk, and Batgirl, artists, a Darth Vader Mobil, and last but not least, Tilted Kilt girls. Poor Snuggs looks like he gets tossed out in the trash in the end, but I don’t think we have heard the last of Snuggle’s Adventures.


Posted September 27th, 2014.

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DolLApalooza 2014

Good Day Everyone,

This year was our fourth doll meet in California known as DolLApalooza. It turned out to be another epic meet that started out a bit contrarily with my rental Sienna mini van deciding to relieve itself of the transmission all over the highway. This all happened in San Bernardino at 9:00 at night. Half way from San Diego, where I picked up the vehicle, and Glendale where we were staying. Fortunately Polaroid was kind enough to pick me up and bring me to the hotel. It also seems I was not alone with car troubles. Z-dr, who I was roommates with, got a flat tire which we had to fix the next morning before going to get a new rental. At least this car was a Ford Crown Vic so we had plenty of room with no problems.

Thursday was the start of the meet, and the shopping day. After getting the new ride Z and I headed to Sinthetics to meet up with Gisele & Ilia and the rest of the guys, and headed to the Garment District. The Garment District is very much like a Bazaar with a lot of small garage type clothing shops that sell everything very good prices. After lots of walking/shopping we decided to head to ‘Little Tokyo’ for some Cosplay and figurine shopping. We were getting hungry by that time, and Matt knew of a place that had Bratwurst of all sorts so we went there for dinner.

Friday is the big ‘meet the manufacturers day.’ Abyss was our first stop, and boy were we all in for a big surprise. Matt McMullen and his team was so kind to show us around and answer questions. After getting a behind the scenes looks of Abyss’ operation we all gathered in the showroom for sandwiches, cookies & drinks. Each one of us was also generously treated with goody bags full of swag, and everyone was entered into a raffle to win a $500 credit, a free head of choice, and surprisingly a showroom doll (Realdoll RD2 Body A). Congratulations to Ace for winning the $500.00 & Polaroid for winning the face of his choice. And the huge congratulation goes out to SXPanthur for winning the doll Realdoll RD2 Body A! I would like to thank Matt McMullen and his team for being such gregarious hosts, and letting me feel, I mean lift a body D.

Ruby13 was next on the list. We were met by the Has brothers who make the dolls. Jim, the owner, was there in the morning, but couldn’t stay. Jim handles the makeup work, and the final shipping to the customers. They had a number of dolls in various stages of completion, and it was interesting to see the eye blanks in the dolls. It gave them an eery appearance. We didn’t stay very long there, but it was great seeing the brothers and the shop. Hopefully we can meet Jim next year.

Our final stop of the day was at Mechadoll. Yves greeted us first, and then Ron, their doll
engineer, and finally Matt showed up. We then went into the shop to see plenty of dolls
in progress being worked on. It was interesting to see the new frames and new techniques in assembling the dolls. After seeing everything there was to see, Ron treated all of us to dinner. It was very interesting to hear how Ron and company make the dolls, and what Ives’ is up to these days. We all want to thank them for their hospitality also.

Saturday is up next. We had some time to kill in the morning so we made the annual trek to Trashy Lingerie. I had ordered a School Girl uniform on line, and picked it up there. It was good to see the folks there again, and to see some new designs as well as the old favorites. SxPanther got a School Girl outfit as well for his dolls. Around noon time it was off to Sinthetics to see what is new and the crew.

This is also Sinthetics open house so there were other people besides the ODC crowd. It was interesting to see newbies reactions to the dolls especially the ladies looking down in William’s trousers. Sinthetics had four dolls on display; William, Gabriel, Celeste, and the new Belinda face. After taking a few pictures of the dolls in their street clothes it was time to try out the School Girl uniforms on the girls. Good thing the one for Myffy was stretchy because it fit the B2D deliciously.

In the development area Matt has been working on some new heads, and they are in different stages from concept to completion. The most interesting is work on a new body 3 that will be shorter and curvier. Also she will be made opposite to the other bodies. They were made big boobed then reduced. This doll will start small the work up in size. Matt said it is easier to add on then take away. Speaking of bodies the new Body 2A was just about done. We saw the mold and a test cast. While eating all day there we weren’t all that hungry, but we all had to leave there around 8:00 so we headed to Freida’s for Mexican food.

We all want to thank the manufacturers for opening their doors to us. They are all very gracious hosts. It is very helpful to see new developments with the dolls. It gives potential buyers the chance to actually see and touch the dolls so they can pick which is best for them. So we will see them again next year for what is new.


Posted August 26th, 2014.

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Star Spangled Bikini

Good Day Everyone,

Happy Independence Day 2014! Myffy put on her Star Spangled Bikini with a pink coverup, both from Increderick’s, and headed to the Cape. She is not 21 yet so the Revered Red Beer is mine 😉 This was also private property so she was not concerned about dropping just her coverup. There was a nice breeze now and then for a perfect day in July.

I did this shoot to help out a member at ODC with how lighting can affect a shoot, also camera settings. The pictures at the end of the shoot show what is called bracketing. Basically it is taking three pictures at different exposures in a row to pick out the best. The very red looking picture is one to show what white balance can do. The last picture shows the set up of the lights. You can get more of the lighting lesson here;


Posted July 5th, 2014.

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Chamber Maid

Good Day Everyone,

This is a continuation of May’s Maid shoot 😉 This time Myfanwy has moved from her kitchen duties to the bedroom. I don’t think she will cut it as a chamber maid. All she does is mess up the bed instead of making it.


Posted June 12th, 2014.

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Maid Myfanwy

Good Day Everyone,

A few months ago I posted some old pictures of Ceilidh in a G-Taste Maid uniform. Since that time I took it in to fit Tira Misu my Boy Toy. People commented on that they would like to see Myfanwy in that maid costume, but I don’t think I could take it in again.

I had bought a cheap maid teddy from China so I could modify that, and not worry about wrecking it. I separated the skirt from the top to shorten, and to take off more around, then sew it back together. The apron was fine just that the ribbon would be a bit longer. I can’t find thigh high stockings in her size so I made do with lacy ankle high stocking, and six inch platforms.

With her being in a black uniform I couldn’t use baby powder on her to make the skin not sticky, so dressing her, and the lint made it a bit difficult. In a couple pictures that Camp took, you can see me trying to wipe the lint off with a sponge. Next month She moves to the bed with black satin sheets so another reason not to have baby powder on her.

This shoot started off in the basement where I keep the comic collection. I took a few pictures of her with the Manga He’s My Master because it has maids for one, and it was a tribute to PB Shelley who liked anime/manga. He recently past away, and a pillar of the doll community.

Next I brought her up to the kitchen. I have been remodeling it for some time, but it is almost done. That’s why there are no cabinet doors, and the floor needs urethane. With no doors on the cabinets I was able to put a 10 foot piece of strut across the room laying it on the shelves. That way Myffy could stand facing the stove without a stand blocking her butt. A lot easier to Photoshop out the modifier than a stand.


Posted May 18th, 2014.

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Orient Beach

Good Day Everyone,

Camp and company like to go on a cruise this time of year, and for a number of years he would take pictures so he could add Dottie into the scene. This year he happened by Orient Beach on St. Martin which just so happens to be a nude beach. Unfortunately the old sign had been replaced with one that didn’t have the same character as the old one. So I went on-line to find some of the old one in different angles.

While I was at it I found some pictures of different beaches to have her sunbath in. Then it was a matter of taking pictures of Dottie in different positions, and state of undress 😉 so to Photoshop her into them.

Of course Snuggles had tagged along in her duffel bag, and I caught him banging her in a gif. Look for it at the end.


Posted April 30th, 2014.

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Snow Painting

Good Day Everyone,

For awhile I had been thinking of doing a shoot in the snow, but didn’t really have a good idea. Then I thought of this old Playboy comic. I had remembered it pretty much as you see it but wasn’t sure of the setting, if it was snow or water. Looking at it it could be either, but I going with snow 😉

The next problem is location, and what gear you need. Location was easy except it is three hours away in the mountains at Camp’s camp. Knowing that the place is untouched first thing is the four wheel drive Increditruck, and an iron shovel to cut down the embankment at the entrance. After making an area to open the door it is time to put on the snowshoes to pack down a path, and an area for the shoot.

There is an open area that was perfect for the shoot that is about 300 feet in from the road. I packed the area next to a picnic table, and shoveled it off so I could use it. After bringing in the stands I took off the snowshoes to pack it more while bring in the rest of the equipment. With the deep snow I knew the dolls would have to be carried, but I still used the dollie at the midway point to rest the doll on.

Once the dolls were in place I set up the easel, and posed the dolls like the drawing. I did try a pallet, but it was to big, and blocked her painting hand. So I improvised with the picture of the drawing. Just as I finished setting up it started to snow. Couldn’t ask for better timing. Also thinking ahead I did have an umbrella to keep the camera, and me dry. It also helped when putting the dress back on Yoshi.

After getting the shot I was looking for, I took the camera off the tripod to walk around to get different points of view, and to have Ceilidh flash us 😉 In all it took about four hours to do the shoot, but with drive time it took all day. Still it was nice having the mirror trained on Yoshi’s bouncing boobies while driving down frost heaved roads 🙂


Posted March 24th, 2014.

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