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Myfanwy Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone

Santa Snuggles was good to me this year. Looks like there was no lump of coal, but a Ruby13, in my stocking!
Myffy was hung by the chimney with care, but she decided to take things into her own hands to get down. She tried to persuade me by flashing those perky boobies, but I was too busy taking pictures 😉 She then saw how she the stocking was mounted, and thought, ‘I’ll just pull the hook off’. In cartoon fashion she pulls the hook, then realizes what she has done before gravity takes over.
With her outfit being a bit drafty she reaches back in the stocking for her cloak, but after pulling it out she slips 8)

Then after a brief break to model her clothes it is time for her open her presents. Lets see, the first one is a ‘Little Red Riding Hood costume’! Guess she wasn’t impressed 🙁 I wonder what the next one could be? Oh it looks like ‘The Great Humungous’ I think she likes that 😉

The other dolls beware Myffy is armed and dangerous!

What’s in your stocking?

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