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Hooters vs Ceilidh

Good Day Everyone,

Well it looks like Ceilidh has jumped ship, and joined the Tilted Kilt Brestaurant.  It also seems like the Hooters was gearing up for the big game when she showed up. Good thing Jayde is dressed in a referee uniform to keep the peace. Tira just can’t believe her eyes, while Myffy looks a little jealous.

While Jayde tries to break up the fight Myffy thought she could help out by flashing her boobies to distract them. Jayde thinks that uniform has to go and that is a good place to start by magically pulling Ceilidh’s bra off without taking her shirt off 😉 Dottie just couldn’t wait to get her hands on that cute bubble butt which really surprised Jayde. Ceilidh figured if Jayde can do it so can I, and pulls her shirt off in one quick move which Dottie takes full advantage of, and moves in to feel her up.

From there things start to really heat up with kissing, licking, and general debauchery. Ah detente can be sexy.

Afterwards it looks like Myffy joined Ceilidh in wearing the Kilt, and Ceilidh was all too happy in welcoming her. After all they are both Celtic, and perfect for the job.

PS I deleted most of the pictures because Tilted Kilt complained.

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