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Captain Dottie

Good Day everyone,

Over the Christmas break I had some time to do a few shoots. One of them is Captain Dottie. From Seaman First Class, she has worked her way through the ranks to get to the position that she is in. She was recently quoted saying “I always wanted to be in Command of a boatload of seamen…”, and “At the Academy, I tended to all the buoys…”
With her spunk she will make Rear Admiral in no time 😉

The other shoot was a bit more involved. I have been wanting to make a banner at Our Doll Community that would have all the dolls that I use for shoots including Camp’s two dolls, Dottie, and Vicki. Also trying to decide on a theme for the dolls was tough for a bit until I thought duh, Hooters, after all I did make a Hooters bar. Now the next challenge is to get them all in uniform including little Tamaki. Lets just say pantyhose is a bitch. After several days I had all eight dressed and in position for just one picture. I did take about four shots to make one picture. Taking one picture with them all in it gives you a fisheye look which distorts the faces a bit. Also taking a series of pictures to make one bends the bar top. I did take several more pictures of individual dolls and different angles.

Starting from the back left is Yoshi, Dottie, Ceilidh, Vicki. Front left is Tira Misu, Myfanwy, Tamaki,(on the bar) and Jayde.


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