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The New Maggie

Hello everyone,
Last year about this time Belshanar was working on InputJack’s Maggie, a factory enhanced B5, with custom nipples. Being an older tin cured doll she had the typical splits and tears. Also being an enhanced B5 she had splits under her breasts and hollows on top. she didn’t sag because of a bra, but she did get marks from it.
Bel was able to repair part of the breasts with adhesive, but didn’t feel comfortable using two part. The same with the recore. That’s when he decided to let me have a turn.

The first problem was the core got stuck and needed the BIG pliers to pull the core out. This ended up taking a square chunk of silicone out between the two holes deep inside. It looked like the area didn’t have enough soap on it. The idea is to soap up the cores so the new silicone mix won’t adhere to it when it dries, but you only need enough to coat the core and let it dry. If you have too much it may contaminate the new silicone so it won’t stick to the old silicone. That is why I coat the walls with wet silicone as I pore, then insert the core.

While the recore was going on I had trimmed the excess adhesive off the breasts and made a patch around the splits. Once the labia was installed and the final patch done it was time to fix the top part of the breasts. There is an other type of silicone jell used for filling the breasts. I used a small gauge syringe to fill the voids in the top part of the breasts. I did this while the doll was still upside down so it would cure there. This was the first time doing this so I didn’t know what to expect, but she came out fine.

You can read about Maggie’s ordeal here:
and here;
Repair album here:

Enjoy the results;

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DollStock 2011

Howdy everyone,
Another successful doll meet in the rear view and on to Christmas Smiling
This year we had the meet a week before Halloween so we had many costume changes. We also stayed an extra day hoping to get some good weather for outdoor shoots. This year was a little scaled back with a few people that couldn’t make it, and cutting back on some of the dolls. Camp and I only brought three, well four if you count Tamaki, to save our backs, and less costume changes. Although Ceilidh went through seven outfits alone Sticking out tongue

We did have a few new members to the meet this time. Ceej has been to most of the meets, but missed last year. Zdr was able to make this meet for the first time, and wins the long distance award. Other new members are Janesays and his wife who brought along Delilah Cool
I started the blog with the Christmas pictures because of the season, and it looks like Santa starts off by helping himself to the helpers Evil Looks like Santa is quite the stud with all those dolls throwing themselves at him.
Now back to the correct order of the events. Friday afternoon into the evening we made camp and set up the dolls in LBDs for the formal doll picture. Saturday we did several shoots starting out back with an old fire truck tanker. I also changed Ceilidh into Yoko from Gurren Lagann to do a solo shoot around the truck. In the evening we did the Christmas shoot, and then I put Ceilidh to bed in the sleeping bag by the fire.

Sunday morning was time to get the dolls into their Halloween costumes, and say goodby to Janesays & company, but not before we could get Delilah into that Southern Belle costume I’d been saving for her. After lunch we lined up the dolls out front for the costume shoot in the nice afternoon sun. Camp and I had been planning a sailor shoot for a couple years now and finally got’er done with four B5’s Shocked
After that we figured we should end the meet high note, and have a pile o’dolls Evil Ceilidh and Mahtek’s Delilah started it off, and from then on there was no stopping until all the dolls were in on it.

(I know we all did)

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Ceilidh in Swimsuit

Howdy Folks,

Sorry about last month’s blog. My computer had a melt down, and I’m still putting the thing back together. Hope you enjoyed the hip operation Shocked

This shoot was done a few months ago, but got put off for other shoots, and the crash. The dolls are in the basement using the strut and air fittings on modifiers to stand them anywhere in the room. The sand is a couple of painting drop cloths, and the background is blue felt with a plastic beach-scape.

The story line is Yoshi and Dottie are at the beach for a day of fun in the sun. Dottie gets to reading her comic, when Yoshi notices Dottie needs some sun tan oil put on. Of course Dottie is not one to refuse getting a rub down and promptly gets nakid Cool Yoshi is not one to be left out either and strips. She then helps herself to those big melons for a good groping.

About this time lifeguard Ceilidh informs them that this is not a nude beach, and to put the suits back on or leave. Yoshi says “Don’t be a killjoy and come join us” then pulls down Ceilidh’s suit. Ceilidh then administers Yoshi’s punishment and sends them both packing Sad


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Hurricane Ceilidh

Howdy Folks,

Well at the end of August the East Coast got hammered by Hurricane Irene it was a big storm but not much destruction here. A lot of nature’s tree trimming. Only a few branches in my yard and a couple leaks in the sun room. only parts of town lost power, but only a couple flickers here. It was very windy all day, but we didn’t see wind much above 40mph. The rain was heavy but didn’t last. I think the storm picked up speed when it reached land so we were spared most of the destructive forces.

Ceilidh got a bit damp coming in from the storm. I told her to take off her wet clothes, but she said only her panties were Evil
I must say sex during a hurricane is an awesome experience that I hope not to repeat any time soon. Sex yes, hurricane NO!

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DolLApalooza 2011

Howdy Folks,

This was an amazing, and very tiring weekend. It certainly felt like it was nonstop. The first night was the meet and greet, and the members included Myself, Camp, Mahtek, Euchre, Belshannar, Litluvr, Musician, Toysin3d, Polaroid, Z-Dr, and Davecat Cool It was great to see familiar faces, and to meet long time doll folks for the first time. We all met at Sinthetics and went out to dinner at Buen Gusto, a local Mexican restaurant with Matt&Bronwen, Dillon, (works for M&B) and Azusa (a guest from Stockholm).

Friday morning we split into two groups; One went shopping, and the group I was in went to Abyss. The six of us piled into a van, and Mahtek drove like a madman to get us there and back in one piece. At least California drivers are nice enough to signal when they cut you off Shocked
We actually arrived a bit early and were warmly welcomed by Amanda and a few minutes later Matt McMullen. We all took lots of pictures of the dolls in the lobby, and later a Maxim girl took a group shot of us. ( I did say warmly welcomed Cool ) While we waited for the guys to finish downstairs we went to see Derek the makeup artist. I brought Ceilidh’s face with me, and he was able to fix her Velcro pads. Amanda also let me swap Ceilidh’s face with her doll so we could get our picture taken with Matt. (Sorry I can’t show those pictures) I can show the pictures downstairs where they pour the bodies. After looking at all the dolls in different stages of being made, molds,and masters, Blake pulled out a Lupe prototype to demonstrate the flexibility of the new spine, and the whole doll. Well I just couldn’t pass up putting Ceilidh’s wig on her and Amanda twisted her into the Indian priestess and posed with her as an extra set of arms Smiling Then Camp and I wrangled her on her side for a few more shots. We stayed as long as we could, but more Maxum girls kept showing up so we had to move on Sad to meet Don at Ruby13 Laughing out loud

Ruby13 is about half way between L.A. and San Marcos in Westminster. We arrived a few minutes before the group that went shopping in the morning. Funny thing, both Don and Matt M drive Dodge Magnums so I knew where Don’s shop was when I saw it. Damn, now I really want a Magnum for the new Incrediwagon Laughing out loud I had called Don just after leaving Abyss to let him know we were on our way, and he had some sodas and Pizza waiting for us for lunch Cool But what really blew us away was the dolls! He had 2 Lilith’s, a Ruby, and 2 Presley’s. Plus a MPD!
I had a hard time deciding which I liked best. Ceilidh’s wig had another work out trying it on the Ruby and Presley. I really liked the Presley with the #9 head, and she will be my next doll. I just wanted to pick her up and take her home with me Evil Damn TSA. Don’s a great guy, and it was nice to shake hands with someone I have spent hours talking to. He certainly has plenty of stories to tell. We stayed with Don and the brothers for the afternoon, but we reluctantly had to head back to L.A. tired, but happy.

Saturday was a big day. We arrived at Sinthetics about noon to find a freshly demolded body 2D, the first B2. We watched how Matt colors the doll to give it a warm natural looking skin, but didn’t stay for the sealer coat because of the fumes. After she was dry Matt added the fingernails. Actually I put a Celeste head on her first, but the color was different so Matt put the Alicia head on and Ceilidh’s wig, and everybody started snapping pictures. Around 6 o’clock Scott the owner of Will Power Holdings, Gisele the company spokesperson, and a few friends stopped in to see the new body, and meet with us. After some more pictures We all went out to BJ’s restaurant, which had great food and BEER Sticking out tongue
Sunday morning we were planning to head to Adultcon, but found out that it wasn’t open until 1:00pm. So we went back to Sinthetics to take some videos of the new doll spinning around. After a quick bite we dressed three dolls and went out to Griffith Park for a shoot. We took pictures until the sun was going down which also made for some tough lighting of the dolls. We planned to go to the observatory to watch the sunset, but a concert was playing so we went to the Hollywood sign instead. Afterwords we went out for Brazilian pizza and stuffed ourselves with an all you can eat sampler menu. We finally got back to the hotel by 2:00am and left at 5:00am for the flight home Shocked What an amazing and tiring weekend, and can’t wait to do it again Smiling

I want to thank everyone at Abyss for their hospitality. It really was above and beyond sending in the Maxim Girls. Also Don and the brothers for showing us a great time. Lastly we thank Matt and Bronwen for hosting and working over time on making the new body for us to unveil. Also Scott for treating us to dinner Saturday night, Thank you all, hope to see you next year.


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Black Tea Party

Howdy Folks,

This month the theme turned deliciously dark. What started off as a nice tea party between two lovely ladies became a full on lesbian S&M encounter.

We start this little epic with Dottie inviting her friend Jayde back for a spot of tea after an evening of fruitless night clubbing. Dottie promised to pick up her spirits with a nice soothing cup of Spanish Fly … I mean herbal tea Eye-wink It wasn’t long after drinking the potion that Jayde began feeling a bit hot in a turned on sort of way, and passed out from the brew. Mistress Dottie ceased the opportunity to grab her pleasure tools and handcuffed Jayde to the chair. Jayde awakens to find a ball being shoved in her mouth and then her legs bound to the chair. With Jayde bound and gagged Mistress Dottie rips open Jayde’s blouse and attaches a couple of nipple clamps. One wonders what Jayde was thinking when Mistress Dottie produced a vibrating egg. Imagine her surprise when it ended in her rear end Jawdropping! Guess she knew where the dildo would go next. With Jayde nearing nirvana Dottie released the nipple clamps suddenly sending Jayde over the edge and shooting the dildo onto the floor. With Jayde now more relaxed Dottie thought she would enjoy a visit from Dick. She responded by singing ” Give me some good vibrations” Eye-wink

By this time The Mistress has had enough giving, and is looking for a little more pleasure of her own so she remounts Dick on Jayde to mount Dick herself Evil All was orgasmic until Mistress Tira found someone was moving in on her turf. Guess Mistress Dottie is now the slave. Poor Jayde. Why does this always happen to her Smiling

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Hershey Meet 2011

Howdy Folks,

This May was the annual doll meet in Hershey where we had many dolls of all different types. From my little Arte Tokyo, to an Anatomical. Also oldest Ceilidh to newest, a Teddy Babe Deluxe, given as a birthday gift from Foxy to the Mrs. This month was also a great time for photoshoots not only at the Berry Patch but another three when I got home.

The pictures start off with the dolls arriving. Then setting them up in the main hall for the meet and greet. Last year I asked the hostess, Bunny, if we could set up a tea party in the formal dinning room. She thought it would be great and would like the pictures for her web site. The table can seat a dozen so we had to rotate the dolls. We started with the silicone dolls then mixed them, and ended with the Teddy Babes.
Next Bunny asked if I could shoot take some pictures of the dolls with some Vera Bradley hand bags that she sells. So the dolls went to work modeling the bags in different rooms of the inn. The last picture is a take off of the Last Supper with dolls. We did take the first pictures with all the doll owners, but I can’t show that one Eye-wink

I also did a couple shoots that were use as CoverDoll models. First was Tamaki around the fish pond. She modeled a couple swimsuits, and different wigs. Next was Paula in a business suit. She had come home after a hard day at the office, and goes through the mail. While kicking off her shoes she notices that someone is taking an interest in her, and decides to do a little tease until she gets to the bedroom to get down to business 😉


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Home Wrecker

Howdy Folks,
Last month the shoot was on the Hooters theme in a replica version in my basement (Man Town). I have been building this place to also double as a photo studio, which is taking forever. I started this project about a year ago with the help of Camp, and Ceilidh wanted to help too. With this kind of help I guess you can see why it is taking so long Laughing out loud Evil Sticking out tongue
I still have a lot more finish work to do, but the basics are done. The room features an alcove with wooden curtains to store up to six dolls, and two chests to store clothes. In the pictures here Ceilidh is putting up the curtains with Camp’s helping hands Evil Also she is assembling the two dressers. Afterwords it’s time for a little break and get out of those work clothes Cool
While making these pictures I have been hanging Ceilidh from hooks that dig into the joists. They work great but they leave little holes in the wood and I don’t want to keep making marks all over the room, or multiple marks in certain areas. I have come up with an idea to hang the dolls from strut, and am now able to position them any where in the room. Here is a link to how it is done;

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Hooters Bar

Howdy everyone,

After winning the February Photo Contest on the Doll Forum I chose Hobbies as the subject. I have several besides doll photography and one is collecting just about anything Hooters especially uniforms. I probably have over a hundred in regular uniforms, but a lot of specialty ones. In these pictures Ceilidh has a shirt for St Patrick’s Day and a special name tag in green, but I had her name spelled out in English instead of Gaelic. I just got another pair of Skechers to complete one more uniform so Dottie could join in the fun. I don’t have a Dottie name tag so Camp chose Haley.
Since it was March when these pictures were taken I did a St Patrick’s theme for the first set of pictures. Notice that Haley has red hair and the green derby while Kaylee has her stuff and the Shamrock City shirt. All that is missing is the green beer. Speaking of which in the next set of pictures Haley gets distracted when someone says “look up here” and spills a beer Sad All was fine until someone also said “use your shirt” but it looks like Kaylee beat Haley in taking her shirt off Laughing out loud It also looks like Kaylee got a bit distracted in taking Haley’s shirt off Evil Finally she gets the shirt off and writes “Kiss Me I’m Irish” in lipstick on Haley and seals it with a kiss Cool
On the tech side both dolls are being held up with stance modifiers, which took forever with two dolls and that busy background, to Photoshop out. Being in the basement I can use lumber jacks, which hook on the floor joists, to hang the modifiers from. I am working on another system to hang the modifiers from. It is called Unistrut or Super Strut, and is designed to hang stuff from like conduit or pipe. I mounted it with the floor joists so it is less noticeable. The strut has special nuts that hook inside and eye bolts can screw into. The eye bolt can screw in tight to hold the modifier and doll in place, or loosened to slide the doll along the strut. The advantage is that you don’t have to pick up the doll to move her, and there are no marks like the lumber jacks make. You can also add a piece perpendicular to make like a grid to mount the doll anywhere in the room.

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Hey Everyone,

This month the photo contest at ODC is “Corsets”, and at TDF it is “A Blast From The Past”. I figured they both tied in with each other so why not do a shoot for both Smiling Ceilidh ended up winning that contest too Smiling
The pictures start off with Ceilidh and Jayde helping Dottie get into her corset. Then I did a few shots with Dottie up against a zebra skin backdrop. After that I brought Ceilidh upstairs for the something old shoot. I first posed her on an antique rocking chair then on the sofa. Also in the pictures is a working antique radio.
Now it’s off for a week of snowmobiling. See you in a month Cool


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