Black Tea Party

Howdy Folks,

This month the theme turned deliciously dark. What started off as a nice tea party between two lovely ladies became a full on lesbian S&M encounter.

We start this little epic with Dottie inviting her friend Jayde back for a spot of tea after an evening of fruitless night clubbing. Dottie promised to pick up her spirits with a nice soothing cup of Spanish Fly … I mean herbal tea Eye-wink It wasn’t long after drinking the potion that Jayde began feeling a bit hot in a turned on sort of way, and passed out from the brew. Mistress Dottie ceased the opportunity to grab her pleasure tools and handcuffed Jayde to the chair. Jayde awakens to find a ball being shoved in her mouth and then her legs bound to the chair. With Jayde bound and gagged Mistress Dottie rips open Jayde’s blouse and attaches a couple of nipple clamps. One wonders what Jayde was thinking when Mistress Dottie produced a vibrating egg. Imagine her surprise when it ended in her rear end Jawdropping! Guess she knew where the dildo would go next. With Jayde nearing nirvana Dottie released the nipple clamps suddenly sending Jayde over the edge and shooting the dildo onto the floor. With Jayde now more relaxed Dottie thought she would enjoy a visit from Dick. She responded by singing ” Give me some good vibrations” Eye-wink

By this time The Mistress has had enough giving, and is looking for a little more pleasure of her own so she remounts Dick on Jayde to mount Dick herself Evil All was orgasmic until Mistress Tira found someone was moving in on her turf. Guess Mistress Dottie is now the slave. Poor Jayde. Why does this always happen to her Smiling

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