DolLApalooza 2011

Howdy Folks,

This was an amazing, and very tiring weekend. It certainly felt like it was nonstop. The first night was the meet and greet, and the members included Myself, Camp, Mahtek, Euchre, Belshannar, Litluvr, Musician, Toysin3d, Polaroid, Z-Dr, and Davecat Cool It was great to see familiar faces, and to meet long time doll folks for the first time. We all met at Sinthetics and went out to dinner at Buen Gusto, a local Mexican restaurant with Matt&Bronwen, Dillon, (works for M&B) and Azusa (a guest from Stockholm).

Friday morning we split into two groups; One went shopping, and the group I was in went to Abyss. The six of us piled into a van, and Mahtek drove like a madman to get us there and back in one piece. At least California drivers are nice enough to signal when they cut you off Shocked
We actually arrived a bit early and were warmly welcomed by Amanda and a few minutes later Matt McMullen. We all took lots of pictures of the dolls in the lobby, and later a Maxim girl took a group shot of us. ( I did say warmly welcomed Cool ) While we waited for the guys to finish downstairs we went to see Derek the makeup artist. I brought Ceilidh’s face with me, and he was able to fix her Velcro pads. Amanda also let me swap Ceilidh’s face with her doll so we could get our picture taken with Matt. (Sorry I can’t show those pictures) I can show the pictures downstairs where they pour the bodies. After looking at all the dolls in different stages of being made, molds,and masters, Blake pulled out a Lupe prototype to demonstrate the flexibility of the new spine, and the whole doll. Well I just couldn’t pass up putting Ceilidh’s wig on her and Amanda twisted her into the Indian priestess and posed with her as an extra set of arms Smiling Then Camp and I wrangled her on her side for a few more shots. We stayed as long as we could, but more Maxum girls kept showing up so we had to move on Sad to meet Don at Ruby13 Laughing out loud

Ruby13 is about half way between L.A. and San Marcos in Westminster. We arrived a few minutes before the group that went shopping in the morning. Funny thing, both Don and Matt M drive Dodge Magnums so I knew where Don’s shop was when I saw it. Damn, now I really want a Magnum for the new Incrediwagon Laughing out loud I had called Don just after leaving Abyss to let him know we were on our way, and he had some sodas and Pizza waiting for us for lunch Cool But what really blew us away was the dolls! He had 2 Lilith’s, a Ruby, and 2 Presley’s. Plus a MPD!
I had a hard time deciding which I liked best. Ceilidh’s wig had another work out trying it on the Ruby and Presley. I really liked the Presley with the #9 head, and she will be my next doll. I just wanted to pick her up and take her home with me Evil Damn TSA. Don’s a great guy, and it was nice to shake hands with someone I have spent hours talking to. He certainly has plenty of stories to tell. We stayed with Don and the brothers for the afternoon, but we reluctantly had to head back to L.A. tired, but happy.

Saturday was a big day. We arrived at Sinthetics about noon to find a freshly demolded body 2D, the first B2. We watched how Matt colors the doll to give it a warm natural looking skin, but didn’t stay for the sealer coat because of the fumes. After she was dry Matt added the fingernails. Actually I put a Celeste head on her first, but the color was different so Matt put the Alicia head on and Ceilidh’s wig, and everybody started snapping pictures. Around 6 o’clock Scott the owner of Will Power Holdings, Gisele the company spokesperson, and a few friends stopped in to see the new body, and meet with us. After some more pictures We all went out to BJ’s restaurant, which had great food and BEER Sticking out tongue
Sunday morning we were planning to head to Adultcon, but found out that it wasn’t open until 1:00pm. So we went back to Sinthetics to take some videos of the new doll spinning around. After a quick bite we dressed three dolls and went out to Griffith Park for a shoot. We took pictures until the sun was going down which also made for some tough lighting of the dolls. We planned to go to the observatory to watch the sunset, but a concert was playing so we went to the Hollywood sign instead. Afterwords we went out for Brazilian pizza and stuffed ourselves with an all you can eat sampler menu. We finally got back to the hotel by 2:00am and left at 5:00am for the flight home Shocked What an amazing and tiring weekend, and can’t wait to do it again Smiling

I want to thank everyone at Abyss for their hospitality. It really was above and beyond sending in the Maxim Girls. Also Don and the brothers for showing us a great time. Lastly we thank Matt and Bronwen for hosting and working over time on making the new body for us to unveil. Also Scott for treating us to dinner Saturday night, Thank you all, hope to see you next year.


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