Hurricane Ceilidh

Howdy Folks,

Well at the end of August the East Coast got hammered by Hurricane Irene it was a big storm but not much destruction here. A lot of nature’s tree trimming. Only a few branches in my yard and a couple leaks in the sun room. only parts of town lost power, but only a couple flickers here. It was very windy all day, but we didn’t see wind much above 40mph. The rain was heavy but didn’t last. I think the storm picked up speed when it reached land so we were spared most of the destructive forces.

Ceilidh got a bit damp coming in from the storm. I told her to take off her wet clothes, but she said only her panties were Evil
I must say sex during a hurricane is an awesome experience that I hope not to repeat any time soon. Sex yes, hurricane NO!

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