Ceilidh in Swimsuit

Howdy Folks,

Sorry about last month’s blog. My computer had a melt down, and I’m still putting the thing back together. Hope you enjoyed the hip operation Shocked

This shoot was done a few months ago, but got put off for other shoots, and the crash. The dolls are in the basement using the strut and air fittings on modifiers to stand them anywhere in the room. The sand is a couple of painting drop cloths, and the background is blue felt with a plastic beach-scape.

The story line is Yoshi and Dottie are at the beach for a day of fun in the sun. Dottie gets to reading her comic, when Yoshi notices Dottie needs some sun tan oil put on. Of course Dottie is not one to refuse getting a rub down and promptly gets nakid Cool Yoshi is not one to be left out either and strips. She then helps herself to those big melons for a good groping.

About this time lifeguard Ceilidh informs them that this is not a nude beach, and to put the suits back on or leave. Yoshi says “Don’t be a killjoy and come join us” then pulls down Ceilidh’s suit. Ceilidh then administers Yoshi’s punishment and sends them both packing Sad


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