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Plug Suit

Good Day everyone,

Today Dottie is doing cosplay with a Plug Suit. It is the suit that Asuka Langley Soryu wears in the Evangelion franchise. The suit is made from ‘Liquid Vinyl’ 80% vinyl, 20% spandex I bought from. liquid vinyl clothing
Of course the character is a redhead 😉

To get the Plug Suit on you have to first put a bodysuit on her. Getting the nude bodysuit on her was about as hard as putting pantyhose on her. You have to get one leg just about all the way on then pull it back down over itself so you can get the other leg in the other part. Once you have both legs in the stocking you have to work the stocking up to the crotch so there is no extra space. After getting it over her butt it is real easy.

After the nude body suit is on you have to put nylon stockings on her arms because the body suit is sleeveless, and the red plug suit is not.
The plug suit went on fairly easily. You still have to stretch it, but it slides easier. It would be very difficult without the Bodystocking, and nylons.

This is the bodystocking from Frederick’s