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G-Taste Maid

Good Day Everyone,

One way to start off the new year is to look back. It also means I have nothing new this month so I’m digging up some old pictures 😉

I originally took these pictures in May 2006. The Maid costume is from an anime, or really a Hentai, called G-Taste. I had the costume made from a company in China, and although it was very well made, there was no way she was going to get into it. The dress was made in one piece with a zipper in back, but it only went to the waist. I took it to a seamstress to have it modified, but she didn’t know how to fix it.

I ended up separating the top from the skirt. Then added a zipper to the top on one side coming up. This opened it up so to be able to pull it up the body. Next the skirt was pleated, and sewn together at the waist with no give. This meant either add another zipper, or add an elastic to the waist. I took the elastic route. With the skirt un-pleated I was able to fit it around a 5 gallon pail. Next I cut, and sewed an elastic wait band together, around the pail. Then added the skirt, and sewed them together. Through the underwear, stockings, and shoes together, and you got cosplay.

One other note, always wash new clothes before putting them on the doll, especially black. Otherwise the dye will transfer to the doll.


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