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Redhead Mourning

Good Day everyone,

For some time now I have liked this picture. I have searched hi and low to find the model but to no avail. Yes it helps that she is a redhead, but her face, and the pose is what I really like. So I thought I could recreate it with Ceilidh after all she is my favorite redhead. After taking the pictures I noticed that Ceilidh wasn’t arching her back the same as the model. I tried to modify the stand to make her arch, but it bent the neck bolt. so no retake on that pose.

Myfanwy on the other hand is lighter, but I still didn’t arch her back that much. Instead of modifying the stand I put blocks of wood under the front of the base to raise it about 3″. In both Ceilidh’s and Myffy’s pictures I used the Cornish tartan blanket which goes with the redhead theme 😉

I also added some misc pictures of Myffy that went with the shoot. Also I made many stereographs so you can get cross-eyed. The easiest way to view a stereograph is to put the image about two feet away then put your finger in between about six inches away from your nose. Focus on the finger then pull it away and focus on just the middle image. Hope this works for you.


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