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DC Doll Meet

Good Day everyone,

This past Saturday June 8, 2013 Camp and I headed to Manassas Virginia to meet up with a bunch of doll enthusiasts, and a doll manufacturer, Private Island Beauties. This group of guys is fairly new to the sport, and decided to get a group going in their area. This was an opportunity to bring some knowledge, and different types of dolls together for a more hands on experience.

In the morning the meet started at PIB and we got the opportunity to see several dolls. Two were complete waiting to be shipped out. Another was fresh out of the mold. We also got to see a new body sculpt and face, but I won’t show pictures of them.

Next up was a trip over to a friend’s house of Patrick’s to photograph and talk doll. Before we left PIB I asked Patrick if he had a rocking horse. To my surprise he had the perfect one for Myffy’s Cowgirl shoot. I ended up taking those pictures later in the day to get some shade.

In the mean time there were plenty of other shoots going on which you can see by clicking on the above picture. After the photo shoots it was time for class, or lack of. It was time to test the boob softness of a couple of new dolls. We tested a PIB, Girl Next Door body, and a Boy Toy. Ceilidh got tested again also. You can see the test in the gallery and here, Breast Test

Camp and I were about the last ones to leave, Three dolls makes for a lot of work. So after loading up John Conner joined us for dinner at Hooters before our long ride home.

We all had a great time and we thank John Conner and Patrick for hosting the meet. Thanks Guys!


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