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Howdy everyone,
Another successful doll meet in the rear view and on to Christmas Smiling
This year we had the meet a week before Halloween so we had many costume changes. We also stayed an extra day hoping to get some good weather for outdoor shoots. This year was a little scaled back with a few people that couldn’t make it, and cutting back on some of the dolls. Camp and I only brought three, well four if you count Tamaki, to save our backs, and less costume changes. Although Ceilidh went through seven outfits alone Sticking out tongue

We did have a few new members to the meet this time. Ceej has been to most of the meets, but missed last year. Zdr was able to make this meet for the first time, and wins the long distance award. Other new members are Janesays and his wife who brought along Delilah Cool
I started the blog with the Christmas pictures because of the season, and it looks like Santa starts off by helping himself to the helpers Evil Looks like Santa is quite the stud with all those dolls throwing themselves at him.
Now back to the correct order of the events. Friday afternoon into the evening we made camp and set up the dolls in LBDs for the formal doll picture. Saturday we did several shoots starting out back with an old fire truck tanker. I also changed Ceilidh into Yoko from Gurren Lagann to do a solo shoot around the truck. In the evening we did the Christmas shoot, and then I put Ceilidh to bed in the sleeping bag by the fire.

Sunday morning was time to get the dolls into their Halloween costumes, and say goodby to Janesays & company, but not before we could get Delilah into that Southern Belle costume I’d been saving for her. After lunch we lined up the dolls out front for the costume shoot in the nice afternoon sun. Camp and I had been planning a sailor shoot for a couple years now and finally got’er done with four B5’s Shocked
After that we figured we should end the meet high note, and have a pile o’dolls Evil Ceilidh and Mahtek’s Delilah started it off, and from then on there was no stopping until all the dolls were in on it.

(I know we all did)

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