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Hello everyone,
Last year about this time Belshanar was working on InputJack’s Maggie, a factory enhanced B5, with custom nipples. Being an older tin cured doll she had the typical splits and tears. Also being an enhanced B5 she had splits under her breasts and hollows on top. she didn’t sag because of a bra, but she did get marks from it.
Bel was able to repair part of the breasts with adhesive, but didn’t feel comfortable using two part. The same with the recore. That’s when he decided to let me have a turn.

The first problem was the core got stuck and needed the BIG pliers to pull the core out. This ended up taking a square chunk of silicone out between the two holes deep inside. It looked like the area didn’t have enough soap on it. The idea is to soap up the cores so the new silicone mix won’t adhere to it when it dries, but you only need enough to coat the core and let it dry. If you have too much it may contaminate the new silicone so it won’t stick to the old silicone. That is why I coat the walls with wet silicone as I pore, then insert the core.

While the recore was going on I had trimmed the excess adhesive off the breasts and made a patch around the splits. Once the labia was installed and the final patch done it was time to fix the top part of the breasts. There is an other type of silicone jell used for filling the breasts. I used a small gauge syringe to fill the voids in the top part of the breasts. I did this while the doll was still upside down so it would cure there. This was the first time doing this so I didn’t know what to expect, but she came out fine.

You can read about Maggie’s ordeal here:
and here;
Repair album here:

Enjoy the results;

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