Hershey Meet 2011

Howdy Folks,

This May was the annual doll meet in Hershey where we had many dolls of all different types. From my little Arte Tokyo, to an Anatomical. Also oldest Ceilidh to newest, a Teddy Babe Deluxe, given as a birthday gift from Foxy to the Mrs. This month was also a great time for photoshoots not only at the Berry Patch but another three when I got home.

The pictures start off with the dolls arriving. Then setting them up in the main hall for the meet and greet. Last year I asked the hostess, Bunny, if we could set up a tea party in the formal dinning room. She thought it would be great and would like the pictures for her web site. The table can seat a dozen so we had to rotate the dolls. We started with the silicone dolls then mixed them, and ended with the Teddy Babes.
Next Bunny asked if I could shoot take some pictures of the dolls with some Vera Bradley hand bags that she sells. So the dolls went to work modeling the bags in different rooms of the inn. The last picture is a take off of the Last Supper with dolls. We did take the first pictures with all the doll owners, but I can’t show that one Eye-wink

I also did a couple shoots that were use as CoverDoll models. First was Tamaki around the fish pond. She modeled a couple swimsuits, and different wigs. Next was Paula in a business suit. She had come home after a hard day at the office, and goes through the mail. While kicking off her shoes she notices that someone is taking an interest in her, and decides to do a little tease until she gets to the bedroom to get down to business 😉


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  1. Gramps Jul 7th 2012

    Hi, just checking in at this fantastic new web site.

    Paula and I arrived late for the 2011 meet but received fantastic hospitality and the gift of an Incred photo shoot.

    A treasured memory….

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