Star Spangled Bikini

Good Day Everyone,

Happy Independence Day 2014! Myffy put on her Star Spangled Bikini with a pink coverup, both from Increderick’s, and headed to the Cape. She is not 21 yet so the Revered Red Beer is mine 😉 This was also private property so she was not concerned about dropping just her coverup. There was a nice breeze now and then for a perfect day in July.

I did this shoot to help out a member at ODC with how lighting can affect a shoot, also camera settings. The pictures at the end of the shoot show what is called bracketing. Basically it is taking three pictures at different exposures in a row to pick out the best. The very red looking picture is one to show what white balance can do. The last picture shows the set up of the lights. You can get more of the lighting lesson here;


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