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A few months ago I posted some old pictures of Ceilidh in a G-Taste Maid uniform. Since that time I took it in to fit Tira Misu my Boy Toy. People commented on that they would like to see Myfanwy in that maid costume, but I don’t think I could take it in again.

I had bought a cheap maid teddy from China so I could modify that, and not worry about wrecking it. I separated the skirt from the top to shorten, and to take off more around, then sew it back together. The apron was fine just that the ribbon would be a bit longer. I can’t find thigh high stockings in her size so I made do with lacy ankle high stocking, and six inch platforms.

With her being in a black uniform I couldn’t use baby powder on her to make the skin not sticky, so dressing her, and the lint made it a bit difficult. In a couple pictures that Camp took, you can see me trying to wipe the lint off with a sponge. Next month She moves to the bed with black satin sheets so another reason not to have baby powder on her.

This shoot started off in the basement where I keep the comic collection. I took a few pictures of her with the Manga He’s My Master because it has maids for one, and it was a tribute to PB Shelley who liked anime/manga. He recently past away, and a pillar of the doll community.

Next I brought her up to the kitchen. I have been remodeling it for some time, but it is almost done. That’s why there are no cabinet doors, and the floor needs urethane. With no doors on the cabinets I was able to put a 10 foot piece of strut across the room laying it on the shelves. That way Myffy could stand facing the stove without a stand blocking her butt. A lot easier to Photoshop out the modifier than a stand.


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