Snow Painting

Good Day Everyone,

For awhile I had been thinking of doing a shoot in the snow, but didn’t really have a good idea. Then I thought of this old Playboy comic. I had remembered it pretty much as you see it but wasn’t sure of the setting, if it was snow or water. Looking at it it could be either, but I going with snow 😉

The next problem is location, and what gear you need. Location was easy except it is three hours away in the mountains at Camp’s camp. Knowing that the place is untouched first thing is the four wheel drive Increditruck, and an iron shovel to cut down the embankment at the entrance. After making an area to open the door it is time to put on the snowshoes to pack down a path, and an area for the shoot.

There is an open area that was perfect for the shoot that is about 300 feet in from the road. I packed the area next to a picnic table, and shoveled it off so I could use it. After bringing in the stands I took off the snowshoes to pack it more while bring in the rest of the equipment. With the deep snow I knew the dolls would have to be carried, but I still used the dollie at the midway point to rest the doll on.

Once the dolls were in place I set up the easel, and posed the dolls like the drawing. I did try a pallet, but it was to big, and blocked her painting hand. So I improvised with the picture of the drawing. Just as I finished setting up it started to snow. Couldn’t ask for better timing. Also thinking ahead I did have an umbrella to keep the camera, and me dry. It also helped when putting the dress back on Yoshi.

After getting the shot I was looking for, I took the camera off the tripod to walk around to get different points of view, and to have Ceilidh flash us 😉 In all it took about four hours to do the shoot, but with drive time it took all day. Still it was nice having the mirror trained on Yoshi’s bouncing boobies while driving down frost heaved roads 🙂


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  1. That’s the best photoset I’ve seen from you guys in a while! Not saying that your other ones sucked, but there’s something about a naked Doll in the snow that’s really appealing. Of course, the only proper way to end a chilly day like that is in a hot tub!

    Give Ceilidh and Yoshi a squeeze on their bums from all of us here! Good work all around, lads!

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