Biker Babe

Hi folks.

I just bought a new Harley Crossbones and couldn’t wait to do a biker babe shoot. I did the shoot in my garage with black shower curtains as a back ground. I was thinking I could paste a background in later, but I shouldn’t have used black.

I will probably shoot it again later with a real background. I found she sat in the seat unassisted. I just used a chain to hold her up when standing. The lighting was mixed with Halogen and Florescent daylight bulbs. Later I switched faces. I really like Yoshi’s smiling face. I did the shoot at night hoping it would be cool, but it was still very hot and humid. I called it quits after midnight, and put Yoshi to bed. It was quite a site to wake up next to a very pretty smiling face. I felt inspired to continue with the shoot. Pictures that is.


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