New Woman & Re-core

Hey folks,

What do you think of the new Dottie? Camp asked if I could do a re-core on Dottie. She needed it badly, but it didn’t look to tough to do after I came up with a way to hang her upside down. Plus Ceilidh needs the operation too, and Camp was willing to let me experiment (insert evil laugh).

After the operation it was time to show her goods off Smiling She needed to be washed, so what better place than in the tub. No surprise I like redheads, but Dottie is a brunette. Camp bought her a corset just for the unveiling, and she tried on a new wig too. Part way through I added some powder to give the privates some color, and to hide the operation some. Hope you enjoy all the hard work Eye-wink



P.S. you can find the recore article I did by clicking on the photo below, in the same way as you do with my photo shoots.

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