Howdy folks,
This month is Dottie doing Cosplay as Meriem Cooper from the Cavewoman comic. I had been planning on doing this theme for some time so when the photo contest came up this month as “Wild Life” I finally got a round toit.

Well Camp and I started the shoot on a Wednesday night for a couple of hours, but I didn’t get back to finishing the shoot until that Saturday afternoon. I took 126 pictures in all from fifteen different poses. What took a lot of time was searching out different backgrounds and poses that Dottie could do. This actual pose (above) took about ten to fifteen minutes to move her into position, take ten pictures, while changing the light and minor adjustments to the pose. Then about a half hour to crop out the background, clean up the picture, and paste the two pictures together. I then had to repeat the Photoshop work on the rest of the pictures.

Hope you enjoy the results 🙂

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  1. Im a Cavewoman fan and just came across this picture searching images on google. Its very good. I had no idea people took pictures of dolls like this, but you really got something there. Hair, body, nails all look amazing, thanks for hard work and thanks for sharing.

  2. incr2079 Dec 17th 2012

    Thanks for looking. I have other cosplay pictures too. Look in the Cosplay page for more.

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