Snuggle’s Adventures

Howdy folks,

Well it is July already, and Snuggles seems to be on the prowl again so I thought I would revisit the story behind Snuggle’s Adventures.

Many of the members at ODC know the story behind Snuggles, but it was a story started at TDF in late 2007/early 2008. So most of the new members haven’t heard how it all started.

Well Snugglesb469 was a member at TDF, and as a fun thing to do Camp got a Snuggles bear and took a picture of him between Dottie’s Boobs. Naturally Ceilidh wanted to do it too. Then we had the idea of sending him around to different members to take the same picture with different dolls and post them. But the bear’s true nature started taking over, and soon he was doing all sorts of things with the dolls.

Snugglesb469 later married Misty-the-Cat, and had a den of cubs, or is that kittens, anyway Snuggles went into semi-retirement and was content to hang with the dolls here. That was until recently when he got an eyeful of ‘Tut’s Nips’ and had to go snuggle between them ^-^

After sending Snuggles to King Tut I went back to collect most of the old shoots, and put them in my gallery, and will link them here; When I find more I add them too.

The first shoot with Snuggles was also another first. It was the first time Dottie came to see Ceilidh which was the first time two “non-related” dolls were brought together for a photoshoot.

So for this month I though I pick up where left off. King Tut did a couple stories with Snuggles, and they start here at Day 10;

After Snuggles came home it didn’t take long before Yoshi found him, and had her way with him. Also Poor little Tamaki was relaxing in the porch when the little Gigolo startled her by pawing her up. She seemed to warm up to the idea and really did a number on him too.

Will he now go back into retirement , or should you be on the look out for any strange behavior in your doll? Hmmm…


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