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Good Day everyone,

Well if you had not figured it out by now, I do have a thing for redheads. Shocking I know, but true. Actually I like all colors but I really like long big curly or wavy hair. Myfanwy is wearing the ideal wig. I bought it from International Wigs and it is called Baywatch;

I bought several over the years when they use to be much less expensive, but I had to splurge on a new one for Myffy. Myffy’s color is Chestnut while Ceilidh’s is Paprika. I also got a blonde one at some point.

I also found a Brazilian Lace & Ruched Mesh Chemise from Frederick’s that would fit Myffy’s small body although it could be a bit shorter 😉


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  1. Ninja! Apr 16th 2013

    Nicely done!

    Maybe you should do an all-redheads photo-shoot?

  2. Where did you purchase that doll?

  3. incr2079 May 4th 2013

    She is a Ruby13, Presley model. This is their website;

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