Lancaster Fair (Copter Chix)

Good Day Everyone,

Labor Day weekend is time for the Lancaster Fair in New Hampshire. It is your typical old time fair with rides and attractions for everyone of all ages. They have pulling weight from little kids and toy tractors to Draft horses, to real farm tractors, and big 4X4 trucks. This year they had 4 Monster trucks including Big Foot 🙂

One of the rides Camp and I like to take each year is the helicopter ride. It mostly takes people around near the fair grounds, but for couple extra bucks we fly out a bit further to Camp’s place. This year we happen to set up Ceilidh and Dottie sunning themselves to get some shots from the air :O
The copter is not a stable platform to take pictures from far away so zooming in they get blurry. I ended up taking some pictures back down on the ground, or I should say from on top of a camper to get a clear shot.


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