Hot Tub Time

Hi folks,

While Camp is working on his Tajmadoll for Dottie. He thought it would a great time for his doll to get caught up with her Realdoll sisters. The half sisters, Yuri and Dottie, are having a little get together when Ceilidh shows up modelling her new bikini. BOING! They all decide to go for a soak, and loose the suits. That’s when that pesky bear showed up. The last ones show where dolls hang out.

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  1. Issac Karsh Nov 5th 2012

    I always want to bathe on hot tubs because it is quite soothing.

  2. Carmelo Custis Mar 31st 2013

    In strict and most common usage there is no genuine difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi. Both are used to explain tubs of hot water which use jets of forced air to produce currents and bubbles, either for therapeutic or strictly pleasurable purposes. Jacuzzi is a brand name, and so strictly speaking it portrays only those hot tubs and spas manufactured by the Jacuzzi Company. The Jacuzzi brothers immigrated to California from Italy in the early half of the 20th century, and according to the company’s website were productive inventors. Starting with aviation inventions, the Jacuzzi brothers moved into hydraulics, making great strides with the agricultural pump. In 1956 they invented a hydrotherapy pump for personal use. This pump, the J-300, was then sold to hospitals and schools.`

  3. Reda Chad May 18th 2013

    The wood tubs are not a new concept; they were used for centuries all over the world. It was during the Second World War that the Americans noticed the wood soaking tubs in Japan. They converted the wooden wine vats into wooden hot tubs. So the Americans experienced the social bathing with wooden hot tubs. Today though acrylic spas are more prevalent, wooden tubs are also being purchased mostly on personal preference. However, there are many reasons for choosing a wooden tub over a plastic spa.^:^;
    Warm regards

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