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Hello everyone,

I thought I would make this a tutorial photo shoot. This may give people ideas on how to pose your doll to get better pictures. Lighting great for making a picture look good, but if you can’t pose the doll in a pleasing way then lighting can’t help. So what I do sometimes is to see a picture I like and make a copy of it to recreate it with the doll. In the first three pictures, I got them from

The model is Aimee Rickards shown below, photographed by Mark Daughn, under the title Sweet Bed.

I then tried to pose the doll as close to the pictures as possible, the doll can only move so much. You will see in the other pictures that you can get lots of pictures by trying to pose the doll close to the pictures that your tying to copy. By moving the head or legs or camera angles, you can get more pictures. Sometimes you might like the different poses more than the ones you were trying to copy. Go on and give it a try, and email me the results.



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