Busy Time of the Year

Howdy Folks,
This sure is a busy time of the year. I had planned to do a big Christmas shoot but got side tracked on more projects. I hope to get a shoot done for Christmas, by Christmas Eye-wink

Of the shoots I did do the first is Jayde. Her birthday November 26, 2007, and for a present I replaced her labia Sticking out tongue I put together a few pictures on how I replaced it. The only pictures I didn’t get was showing how I added a little colored two part silicone inside and out. When replacing the labia sometimes the new one doesn’t quite fit or fill the space so added some two part to smooth in the gaps. Afterwords I had to take her for a test drive, and found she has a great chassis Cool

The next shoot was a quick shoot with Camp’s Dottie. He had an idea on how to make a Dottini by placing the martini mixer between her boobs to be shaken. Sort of the James Bond idea taken to the extreme. Camp and I did the set quickly with a few props and tried to show the violent shaking between those boobs. Just imagine Dottie swinging those guns back and forth by looking at pictures 5 & 6 over and over. I know I’d be shaken too Eye-wink


PS Ceilidh is undergoing a major rebuild now so hopefully next year you will see good results.

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