DollStock 2010

Ah, another fantastic DollStock in the can. This years meet was extra special with an Anatomical Doll given to a deserving member of the doll community, Noquiexis. During the summer Camp said Oleg was giving a discount on a few dolls to people from Guys and Dolls documentary. Oleg asked if Keith Allen wanted the discount, but he decided that Noquiexis was more deserving of the doll. Camp and KA asked me if we could organize this endeavor. I know I’m a softy, but we couldn’t pass this up. Camp helped arrange the shipping to my house while I collected the donations and ordering the doll. (Sending money to Russia was an adventure in its self).

I received the doll on Wednesday morning (FedEx overnight from New York) We loaded it on the trailer Thursday night, hauled it to Penn on Friday, and gave it to Noq that evening. We had just enough time to sneak Snuggles in the crate at my house Eye-wink Yes we were a bit nervous that Ceilidh would have to be a stand in Jawdropping! But it all seamed like clock work in the end.

Now for the new meeting place. The last several years we have been meeting in Buffalo (2 times) and the first in London Ontario when I picked up Jayde. This year we looked for a more central North East location that could hold more people and dolls. The motels just weren’t cutting it any more. Noq found a lot of B&Bs from Buffalo to southern PA. Most seemed small or expensive. There was some nice cabins on a lake, but for one reason or another we looked elsewhere. I found a couple lodges and cabins, but a couple were booked that weekend. One looked OK so I gave them a call. They had no problem with the dolls and the price was excellent. So the destination was Fin-Fur&Feather Cool The place had a rustic feel, which is what we wanted. Plenty of room and nobody to bother us.

We had 17 doll bodies with multi faces. Mahtek and I had to use trailers to bring dolls. Between Camp and I we had 7 dolls, not including faces.
We also met some new people, but not new to dolls. I met Dreamweavers and his wife for the first time, and Jackie and John. He is a trip, and a good guy. When we first arrived I still had the dolls dressed in their Halloween costumes figuring everybody liked Elvira and Vampirella. Saturday we dressed them in outdoor clothes hoping for good weather, but it was a mixed bag so we did a group shoot inside. I also got a shoot with Noq’s new doll Feodora. A little later a few of us tried to make contact with the outside world, five miles down the road, as there is no cell tower nearby, and no internet. In the evening we dressed them for a pajama party with a couple LDs as entrainment Eye-wink


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