Halloween 2010


Howdy Folks,
This is a dolls favorite time of the year because of it is the ultimate Cosplay. Unfortunately September is also my busiest time. I plan to add at least one other shoot maybe more, but for now I wanted to post Ceilidh as Elvira ‘Mistress of The Dark’. It took a while to get her makeup done correctly, but she did fit into the dress easily. I only had to use one clip to take in her dress a bit. I also lost the cheap plastic knife so I used my Sgian Dubhs (skin do) it is a Scottish dagger that goes in your sock. A real Scot is never unarmed Cool

There is also a couple of pictures with her in a Ginger or Peg Bundy wig. I couldn’t resist. Also one with Ceilidh’s normal wig. I didn’t start out to make a stereograph, but I moved the camera for a better angle which made an OK stereograph so I went for it. At least her boobs look 3D Sticking out tongue

I just updated this months blog with pictures of Jayde as Vampirella Evil
It took me awhile to edit them. Plus at the last minute I wanted to make a wallpaper, so I had to set up for the shot then edit it onto her logo. That took about four hours to get that one picture Smiling


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