Tamaki x 2

Howdy Folks,

This month I am continuing on with the Cosplay theme, and since it is back to school time, I thought Ceilidh should play a school girl like Kosaka Tamaki* from To Heart 2*. Don’t worry both Ceilidh and Tamaki are legal Eye-wink This is really the first time for an Arte Tokio doll on Incredidoll. You can see her at the Hershey meet, but this is were she gets her groove on. A few months back I bought Arte Tokio Tamaki as the company was going out of business. She is a 60cm silicone doll with a poseable skeleton. She is 1/3 the size of a Realdoll, and so is the cost Shocked I figured this was my only chance at one at any price, and bonus she came with a Tamaki outfit Cool

This turned out to be sort of an epic shoot with 60 pictures, and that is whittled down Smiling Well I do have two dolls, a few stereographs, and a wallpaper. That little doll is a cheeky little thing. Wait till you see what she did to Ceilidh’s new desk Shocked Mistress Ceilidh handed out the appropriate punishment Evil


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