Ikkitousen Cosplay

Good Day Everyone,

This month Dottie wanted to be in Incredidoll, and with those big boobs I had just the right shoot in mind Eye-wink This is a bit of Japanese Cosplay which is a combination of costume and play. People do this all the time at Anime/Manga conventions where they dress up in their favorite character from an Anime/Manga.

Dottie is dressed as Kanu Unchou* from ikkitousen* which means Great Guardians. The English version of the Manga is titled Battle Vixens which has great fan service* Eye-wink

At the same time I took these pictures I am building a Hooters bar/studio in the basement, and since Dottie was already dressed from the doll meet last month, I let Dottie get naked for us Cool I posed her as close as I could to pictures of the character, and added those pictures next to the ones I took. I even added the proper mosaic to the privates, and also added her to different backgrounds I found. I was able to make a few backgrounds for some wallpapers I made.

Don’t worry about Ceilidh. She has been helping me build the room, and believe me she has plenty of fan service to offer Cool


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