Hershey Meet 2010

Good Day,
This month is a bit different because a bunch of us doll owners got together in Hershey Pennsylvania for a weekend meet. So instead of mostly my dolls you will see many others. I actually didn’t take many pictures. It was more fun setting up some shoots and talking to other peeps. It was a chance to get to meet old friends and make some new ones. A real highlight was meeting Stacy and going to Chocolate World Smiling

We stayed at a great B&B called the Berry Patch. I had a cabin to myself which was handy with three dolls. Technically I had a forth doll but Midiman had to borrow one of mine due to problems crossing the US border. We were able to set up doll shoots in the main house as well as around the grounds.

The first set of pictures is in the main house with all of Foxy’s kits Smiling and Dottie dressed in cosplay as Kanu from Ikkitosen (Battle Vixens) Kind of goes with the Foxy theme Eye-wink Sort of an East meets West School Girls Laughing out loud While we were at it. I put Tira’s face on one of Foxy’s twins so we have the first four months of Boy Toys together. Starting with Miss December on the right ending with Miss March on the left.
Also keeping with the School Girl uniforms theme I dressed Ceilidh’s B5 body, and Boy Toy head, with Tamaki’s uniform from To Heart 2 also with a matching arte toiko 60cm doll. Also keeping the switch going, I put Yoshi’s head on a Boy Toy body, and dressed her in a School Girl uniform from Trashy Lingerie.

Gramps came to the meet, but only had the dolls face. For another doll first I put Paula’s face on Ceilidh’s body. So that combo is a RD1 B5, with a Boy Toy skull, with a RD2 Jenny face. Puzzled Both the Boy Toy and RD2 have magnets that hold the face on which lined up well.
Midiman brought his new Jessica Drake doll, and I had to try her out… with a red wig Eye-wink

Janesays brought Delilah, another B5, F11, so I made Ceilidh a matching brunette for an old doll meets new. I took a few pictures out in the Gazebo then inside the main house with Dottie. Not another doll first, but still nice seeing three B5 bombers sitting together Cool I sure Camp would like to see Dottie in different clothes, but it took forever putting those socks and gloves on Sad

While I was taking a couple pictures of Jessica and Bianca, the house cat decided to be friendly with the dolls. Oh no CAT HAIR Sticking out tongue He certainly is a friendly sort. He found my dolls earlier in my cottage while I had left the door open. Gee I wonder why he didn’t want to leave Eye-wink


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