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Hi Folks,
I didn’t have a lot of time this month to take a full shoot so here are some random shots I took to catch a certain moment. I first started out with Jayde trying out a new sweater dress. I then switched Jayde’s face for Ceilidh. Yoshi wanted to show off her new, form fitting, lace up Tee shirt Eye-wink Looks like Ceilidh hasn’t seen any action for awhile and was begging for some. After a three way good time the girls wanted to show off those henti pillows.

Also sometime ago I wanted to see how some of my pictures would look if I changed them to Black & White. The G-Taste Maid I thought would be interesting because it was mostly black & white to begin with. The pictures with Ceilidh had an old time look with the Southern Belle wigs so I thought they lent themselves to the B&W look.


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