Dynamic Duo

Howdy Folks,

This month is a shoot Camp and I have been planing for sometime now, and was going to tie in with Halloween, but I didn’t get time to add the background. Maybe another time.

For now this episode starts with the Dynamic Duo doing the battwosie Sticking out tongue When they get the call that Poison Ivy & Cat Woman are up to their perverted ways again Cool

” Wholly strap-on Bat Doll! We got to wrestle that dick from those degenerate dolls!”

“Right again old chum. You take it in the backdoor, and I will come in a frontal assault.”

Well as most Bat episodes go, Robin ended up in a sticky situation. Bat Doll came in and saved the day by pulling out some poison ivy spray from her utility belt.

“Not so fast Poison Ivy! If anyone is going to rail Robin it’s going to be this Bat Doll Cool Now go play with that pussy I just hammered Smiling Well Robin, it look like it’s you, me, and Dick.”

“Wholly Good n’ Plenty! Who will save me know!?”


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