Tira & Jayde Christmas

Hello everyone,
This is my new Boy Toy, Miss March, Tira Misu. She was born on July first, 2008, and has a few modifications. I made up a hime joint for her back, which gives her a lot more range of movement. Phoenix installed this along with dark green eyes. I changed her wig for more of a red one. She will be changing her hair often for different cosplay I plan on doing. I got the name Tira from the Anime/ Manga series, Sorcerer Hunters. Most of the main characters are named after some food, mostly pastries. Tira is cute, shy, and innocent looking, But hiding behind an over sized cloak and round sunglasses, is a leather wearing dominatrix! You can read the whole synopsis here:

It’s Christmas time and Tira is playing one of Santa’s nice little helpers. Watch out when she takes those glasses off. She snaps her fingers, and poof, she is a naughty little elf. First she puts a figure of herself under the tree, but what’s this?!! Looks like she captured Jayde as a submissive sex slave. Oh lucky me! Guess I will have fun unwrapping this present Christmas Morning. For now it looks like Tira wants me to choose either her or Jayde. Well with Jayde not going anywhere lets see what Tira has to offer Eye-wink

Well it looks like Tira didn’t just whip and run. Not only did she leave her whip, but Jayde tied up with it Laughing out loud Talk about a great Christmas present. I had a lot of fun checking her out. She was so grateful for me freeing her, she lead me to the bedroom. . . for a photoshoot of course Eye-wink

Happy Holidays

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