Epic Doll Shoot

Well as some shoots don’t turn out as planed, so is what happened to this one. It all started as a couple pictures for Tira’s birthday (July 1st) and ended up with four dolls and multiple pictures turning into an Epic shoot Jawdropping!

Be forewarned that a certain glass object ended up in most of the pictures and is too hot for the Doll Forum Shocked Cool

Jayde makes an appearance, but the prudish side of her personality is in shock and is overwhelmed by the ensuing orgy. She retreats for safety, but how long can her suppressed bicurious nature hold back?

Click on the picture to take you my gallery.


Next month see if Jayde’s curiosity gets the better of her.



Well Jayde has had a taste of doll love, and is looking for a more personal experience. Eye-wink Ceilidh has cleared the room, and is more than happy to assist Jayde in her quest for carnal knowledge. Laughing out loud

Meanwhile Tira decides to head to the bath and get cleaned up… Well lookie
here. It appears that we have a guest. Looks like Dottie has stop by to get cleaned up from Camp’s place. Guess Tira will have a playmate in the shower Jawdropping!

Well folks this is the Epic Conclusion to the 4 part mini series. It seems that the two new dolls that Camp and I adopted showed up on a Harley Crossbones, and Tira is ready to welcome them with whip in hand Evil
It just so happens the other dolls are in the living room watching a porn (of course) with the star being Jenny Densuke. I guess the dolls wanted to make Jenny feel right at home Eye-wink She was all to willing to put on a little show with Cookie for her new doll friends. One can’t fault the other dolls for wanting to join in.
I was going to pose all the dolls in a daisy chain, but it was a little difficult to get them to that position. I started it, but ended up laying the rest in front for a group shot.

P.S. Since I took these pictures two more dolls arrived, and I misplaced Jenny Jawdropping! Don’t worry, she turned up in the shower. Forgot I had left her there to dry Sticking out tongue That makes nine dolls I think. Soon you will meet Veronika, a Miss Winter Boy Toy, and Lilly, the first B cup Brazilian Ruby. Another to hot for the forum photoshoot. Eye-wink


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