Hi everyone,
I’m sure most of you have heard of the Si Fi classic film Forbidden Planet. Well Kharn wanted to do a remake of the poster, and of course use a doll for the girl. He asked if I could pose her in the same basic pose of the original poster. After some thinking on how I could hold her in that position I thought my office chair with arms might just work.

To make the doll easier to Photoshop out I used black shower curtains as background for the lighter clothing, and light for dark clothes. I used a rope to keep her legs from falling off the chair, but other than that she fit well on the chair arms with little pressure on her butt. I tried three different dresses that might be close to the old poster, and tried a few different poses. I guess you will have to check out Kharn’s poster to see which one he used Smiling

After the poster pictures were done I continued on with my shoot for the month. I took a couple pictures then had the idea from another movie scene. You may also recognize Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, but I think Ceilidh can do it better Jawdropping! Also look to my scrapbook for the outtakes.


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