The next shoot is Tira dressed up as a G-Taste maid. G-Taste is a x-rated Anime or Henti but ironically the characters have small eyes. I originally had the outfit made to fit a B5 but I had to modify it to fit the Boy Toy body. I’m impressed with the stiffness of the legs. She is able to stand by the bed without any aid, other than her hands. She could almost stand free if it wasn’t for her hime joint back. Since she was dressed up as a maid I had her make the bed. After all she did help mess it up Eye-wink

I did try to copy a couple of poses from the drawings. It’s a little tough to copy people sometimes, never mind drawings, but I think you can find them. I also made a few stereographs. If you don’t know how they work, focus on the pictures at the mid point. Then slowly cross your eyes till they move together. Then just focus on the center image, and


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