“Lost in the Woods”

Hi everyone.

When I stared out my first intentions were to take these pictures so that I could paste them into other pictures of hiking trips I’d been on. With further reflection and the foliage all around, I thought they would be good on their own. My journey started out at Camp’s place in the mountains. He has a nice place in a great spot by a bridge. It was covered with red leaves to match Ceilidh’s clothes. I was able to use the stance modifier with a swing set that Camp had.
The first pictures are of Ceilidh starting out on the hike. She stops and finds some matching maple leaves. Then she is either feeling hot or is trying to motivate us to join her on the hike. After all that hiking it is time for lunch. When I zoomed in you could see that she was quite hot and was perspiring. So she lifted her top to cool off, I think Eye-wink

Afterwards she was ready to go and do some leaf peeping. We drove up a hill to see out over the mountains, and to get a picture along a country road. On the way home Ceilidh decided to be a traffic stopper looking at Mount Lafayette.

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