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Hello everyone,

This month Jayde is the featured model. At the beginning of November Camp and I set out to bring Jayde to her new home. We were planning to stop at Niagara Falls the first night to take pictures of the falls in the morning. We also wanted to see what difficulties we might face crossing the border. Well, all I can say is that was a bad idea. I guess we fit some profile that said time to take apart the van, because they did. Needless to say we didn’t go back to that crossing in the morning, but the other was a breeze. We thought we were doing something wrong, which I guess we did. I had to go back to the US customs to claim my camera equipment and Ceilidh’s and Dottie’s faces for the return interrogation. After that it was smooth sailing to Michaelangelo’s place. We had a small Doll Owners Group meeting there with Mahtek, Davecat, and Ceej, stopping by, and everyone took lots of pictures. Ceej was a gracious host and tour guide. We all had a great time doll clothes shopping, and eating at Moxie’s. It is a nice upscale Hooters and yes the women are hot! After saying goodbye, we headed home the next morning. All 600 miles, and yes we had an interesting time at the crossing. Surprisingly we didn’t have to open the crate. The male guards seemed uninterested except for one dick. He couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing this for money, and thought I should go to the commercial customs. Then the female agents came over and looked at the beautiful pictures that Michaelangelo took. They were oohing and aahing over the pictures saying how pretty and beautiful she is. Then the head agent told the bone head to buzz off and sent us on our way.

Well enough about that. Your more interested in Jayde right? Well she is in pristine condition. Michaelangelo got her home, took some beautiful pictures, and put her back in the crate. The reason why is because he found an other beautiful, charming, and alive real woman. The beautiful, hot, and wanting virgin Jayde will remain that way until Christmas. When we can unwrap our gifts,


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  1. incr2079 May 13th 2012

    November 2008 doll meet.

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