Last Ride

Hi All, Smiling

Well time to get that motor running and get out and do some sledging. The snow has been just right this year and so I took the little lady for a ride, or should I say that she took me for a ride Laughing out loud LOL

Now we are getting into spring riding. The days are longer and warmer. Although when I took these pictures it was dawn and 15 degrees. Unfortunately when I was setting up the doll on the sled she decided to do a face plant when I went back to the truck. It was very difficult to melt the snow off her face because the doll sat in the truck all night and was frozen. The truck was cold because I took the pictures at an undeveloped industrial park a quarter mile from the center of town, and two miles from my house.

You may remember last month Ceilidh had borrowed a Boy Toy body. Well this is the other version. Amber is a Boy Toy Autumn face on Ceilidh’s B5 body. I have to photoshop the space under chin to make it look right. Other than that the fit looks just as good as a regular RealDoll.

So check these out guys, Eye-wink


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